Family heartbroken after city says they can't have pet pig

The Payne family in Effingham is heartbroken after the city told them they had to get rid of their two pet pigs. (Photo Courtesy of Tara Lynn Payne)

The Payne family is heartbroken after the city told them they had to get rid of their two pet pigs.

According to the City of Effingham, this comes following a neighbor's complaint of an odor.

When the city inspector went to the house, they found pigs were living there.

However, the city ordinance states swine are not allowed.

City officials said they debated changing the ordinance but after three months of research decided allowing pigs in the city is a nuisance and a public health concern.

In Springfield, the city code doesn't discriminate against any animals.

It allows residents to have an animal, as long as it isn't a disturbance or nuisance to their neighbors.

Also, the animal has to be enclosed in a fenced-in area.

However, if it bothers another person, they can call the city and complain.

An investigator will then be sent to the house to follow up.

"As long as you are humanely keeping your animal, you're keeping them properly, and your neighbor isn't complaining and it isn't a nuisance, keeping specific animals is not a huge deal in Springfield,” said Tara Holcomb the owner of Willow City Farm.

Some farmers said some livestock can actually make a great pet, but they need to be cared for a lot differently, which means you should research it beforehand as well as check with your city to see what they allow.

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