Vigil held for man killed by police, more information on shooting released


MORAINE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- More details coming to light today, October 21, 2017 on an officer-involved shooting in Moraine.

23-year-old Jamarco McShann was killed in a car at an apartment complex yesterday morning.

Police said two officers fired at McShann after he pointed a gun at them.

Police gave am updated on the officer-involved shooting this morning.

Tonight, family and friends held a vigil for McShann.

Fox 45's has what both sides said.

"Jamarco did not have to die and he should not have died," .said National Congress for Faith and Social Justice President Jerome McCorry.

Dozens held candles, balloons and pictures at the vigil for Jamarco McShann.

"This was the taking of a son, a father, a brother a cousin a friend and it did not have to happen," said McCorry.

Activist Jerome McCorry called it a "senseless murder by trigger happy cops."

"It's a tragedy," said Moraine Police Department Chief Craig Richardson.

Moraine's police chief said officers were doing their job yesterday when they got a suspicious vehicle call.

They thought Jamarco McShann was either asleep or unconscious in a car with music playing.

"Responding officer immediately recognizes Mr McShann has a handgun on his right thigh," said Richardson.

Police said officers tried to find the car owner in a nearby apartment but couldn't.

Another officer brought a ballistic shield to the scene.

"Additionally officers placed a tire deflation device in front of the rear tires of the vehicle. This all transpires in almost a half hour. This was not something that occurred quickly," said Richardson.

Officers went back to McShann's car with the shield.

"Mr. McShann comes aware of their presence and the officers began shouting commands for him to raise and show his hand but Mr McShann failed to comply. "Mr. McShann presented a handgun and pointed

it at the officers ignoring orders to drop the gun, two officers fired their weapons striking Mr. McShann," said Richardson

Police said it was a semi automatic pistol with a high capacity magazine.

Ten rounds were fired at McShann by 19 year veteran John Howard and Jerry Knight, on the force 19 months.

"It's one of those things we hope to never have to face No one wants this." said Richardson.

"We are seeking justice, we're not seeking vengeance, we are seeking justice," said McCorry.

McCorry criticized the Moraine Police Department for not having body cameras.

He said a federal lawsuit will be filed against the police department, two officers and city of Moraine.

McShann was a convicted felon and not allowed to have a gun.

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