U.S. Coast Guard's top admiral says non-pay for service members is 'unacceptable'

    Admiral Karl Schultz on the government shutdown (Video: Twitter / CNN Newsource)

    The Commandant of the United States Coast Guard released a video on his Twitter account stating that he finds it "unacceptable" that members of the Coast Guard must rely on food pantries and other forms of assistance as the government shutdown continues.

    "We're five-plus weeks into the anxiety and stress of this government lapse in your non-pay," says Admiral Karl Schultz in the video. "You, as members of the Armed Forces, should not be expected to shoulder this burden."

    "I find it unacceptable that Coast Guard men and women have to rely on food pantries and donations to get through day-to-day live as service members," he adds.

    About 41,000 active-duty service members and 2,100 'essential personnel' civilians are currently working without a paycheck, according to The Washington Post. They will miss a second paycheck this Friday if the shutdown is not resolved by then.

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