Two middle schoolers accused of plotting to shoot, kill teacher

Claudio Torrestara, 12, and Payton Rolle, 13, are accused of threatening to shoot at a school and kill a teacher. (Miami-Dade Police)

Two middle school students in South Florida are accused of plotting to shoot at a school and kill a teacher.

Miami-Dade Police arrested 13-year-old Payton Rolle and 12-year-old Claudio Torrestara.

Both face charges of aggravated stalking-written threats to kill.

The investigation into the plot began when a teacher at Southwood Middle School received a friend request and direct message on Instagram.

Police said the message, aimed at the teacher and her children read, "next on Valentine's Day."

The threatening message said the writer planned to shoot at the school and kill the teacher's family. The teacher called police.

Police traced the social media threat to a home where Rolle admitted to being involved. Police say he implicated Torrestara in the threat. Torrestara confessed to police as well.

Rolle and Torrestara are in juvenile custody.

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