Tragedy in Sutherland Springs brings people from all over looking to offer help

Joshua John Fitch kneels before crosses bearing the names of the Sutherland Springs church shooting. (KOKH/Emily Collins)

The tragedy in Sutherland Springs has brought people from all over looking to offer a helping hand or a glimmer of hope.

Joshua John Fitch drove all the way from Roanoke, Virginia to profess his faith and spread the word of God. In honor of the victims, Fitch carried a cross 16 miles Thursday up and down Highway 87. Fitch says he hopes his journey brings comfort to those who have been impacted by Sunday's mass shooting.

"I'm from the Star City of Roanoke...I marched around the city. We love you. We walk in loyalty and love. The only thing that kills hate is love. And hurt people, hurt people...Healed people, heal people," Fitch said.

When Fitch completed his journey, he prayed at the intersection of Highway 87 and 539 before planting the cross in the ground next to the 26 others bearing the victim's names.

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