Police: Home owner stops sweaty 'delirious' man bleeding from the mouth after break in

Anthony Jones, 35, of Standish, accused of breaking into officer's home (Photo Courtesy York County Sheriff's Office)

LIMINGTON, Maine (WGME) -- A Standish man faces charges for breaking into the home of a York County Corrections Officer, while he and his young children were inside.

The York County Sheriff's Office said Anthony Jones, 35, broke into the home in Limington around 2:30 pm Monday.

Corrections Officer Sean Wilson was getting ready for his shift at the York County Jail. He was home with two of his children, both under the age of four.

According to deputies, Officer Wilson noticed Jones was sweating profusely, bleeding from the mouth, and appeared delirious.

Officer Wilson told deputies he yelled for his children to get into a back bedroom, while ordering Jones to lie on the floor and remain still.

Deputies said Jones ignored the commands and starting walking toward the back of the house, where the children were.

Officer Wilson tackled Jones and called 911, restraining him until other officers arrived.

Jones was taken to the hospital for observation and will be charged with burglary.

Investigators said it did not appear Jones knew Officer Wilson, and that he had simply picked the home at random.

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