Man kills wife, blames high medicine prices

(CNN Newsource)

A man shot his sick wife - because he says she was in pain and they couldn't afford her medication.

Detectives tell us William Hager was remorseful when he told them he killed his wife.

But he said he couldn't afford to get her the medical help she needed - and this was his last resort.

Carolyn Hager suffered with chronic medical problems including arthritis for around 15 years.

"We don't see it in situations like this where there's a death involved but we frequently get called to different locations for different problems where people are at their wits end, trying to figure out how they're going to makes ends meet, how they're going to cover medical," said deputy Gary Wilson.

A neighbor of the Hagers says she understands she doesn't know the Hagers but understands what William Hager did.

"It's either keep a roof over your head and eat or buy the medication," said Sandy Ford.

This neighbor didn't want to be named but says her husband suffered too-- when they couldn't afford the drugs to manage his COPD.

"He kept asking me please let me die, please let me die," Ford said. "He had a gun in the house and he asked me to shoot him, and i couldn't do it. He suffered so badly and there's nothing you can do."

She says something needs to be done to make prescription medications for severe medical conditions more affordable.

The sheriff's office says there are drug manufacturers who offer help for people struggling to pay for their medications.

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