Consumer Watch: Black Friday losing popularity


Black Friday shopping has grown into a tradition for some families, but if the shopping days seems a little less popular, and that's because it is changing.

If you used to wait in those long Black Friday lines before stores opened, and now you don't, you’re aren't the only one. Since the popularity of Black Friday is taking a nose dive, retailers are changing how they showcase their sales.

Sure, things might be different store to store, but chances are that you might not see suffocating crowds or people getting worked up over a handful of specials. If you've been planning to buy something at a discount, chances are you'll find it-- without having to wait in those endless lines.

“Retailers understand that a lot of consumers want the convenience of online shopping throughout the entire holiday season, so they have moved a lot of their Black Friday sales online, “says Sarah Hollenbeck, with

In a survey, says the average shopper said they will spend 625 dollars on gifts this season, and that 68 percent of consumers will do most of their holiday shopping online.

“Which is a smart move, given how many retailers have recently announced free shipping for the holiday season,” says Hollenbeck.

Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have all announced free holiday shipping. Though it is not just online shopping sending black Friday popularity into a tailspin. That same survey found that shoppers are doing most of their holiday shopping in early November or early December.

If you just love going into a physical store on Black Friday, the good news for you is slightly less overwhelming crowds, and you could take advantage of some sales that might only be available for brick and mortar shoppers.

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