Mall shooting video 'consistent with' forensic exam, Bradford family lawyer says

    Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr., 21, of Hueytown (Photo courtesy of family)

    Video of the Riverchase Galleria Thanksgiving shooting confirms the findings of an independent forensic exam, the deceased man's family lawyer says.

    Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) officials, who are in charge of the investigation into the fatal officer-involved shooting, confirmed Thursday that a meeting took place Friday, Nov. 30 between the agency, lawyers representing Emantic "EJ" Bradford's family, and district attorneys Danny Carr and Lyniece Washington. According to a statement released Friday by the Bradford family's lawyer Benjamin Crump, the family was also present during last week's meeting. He says they were permitted to view a small segment of a video "surrounding the moments EJ Bradford Jr. was shot."

    Please see Crump's entire statement regarding the confidential meeting below:

    "When the family met with members from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) and the District Attorney's Office last Friday, the agency and office attempted to build some degree of trust by allowing the family and their attorneys to see a very brief portion of video surrounding the moments EJ Bradford Jr. was shot at the Riverchase Galleria mall. We continued to request that all video footage of the mall from that night be publicly released -- body cam, surveillance, etc. We were told, because of the ongoing criminal investigation, that they would not release the video until after they had concluded the criminal investigation. They said the only way they would agree to show us a very brief portion of the video was if we promised to keep it confidential, so as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation. While we are respecting the essence of the agreement to keep the content of the limited that was viewed as confidential, we can confirm that what was viewed is consistent with the findings of the anatomical review released on Dec. 3 and conducted by an independent forensic pathologist who was hired by the family. It should be noted that Bradford did have a gun; the family has been told previously that Bradford's gun was never fired. It is concluded that Bradford was shot three times from behind as he moved away from the off-duty Hoover police officer who was working as mall security."

    When ABC 33/40 inquired about the reporter viewing of the video Thursday evening, ALEA Public Information officer Robyn Bradley Bryan responded with the following statement:

    "ALEA/SBI requested a meeting with the Bradford family held the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 30, as is standard procedure for all SBI death and/or officer-involved use-of-deadly-force investigations. Attorneys Benjamin Crump, Rodney Barganier and Frankie Lee were present on behalf of the Bradford family. District Attorneys Danny Carr and Lyniece Washington also were present. ALEA was in agreement with all parties present that the substance of the meeting be kept confidential. Out of respect for the Bradford family an to remain true to its word, ALEA will continue to honor this agreement."

    This meeting comes as the latest development since a judge ordered prosecutors to provide suspected initial shooter Erron Brown's defense team with evidence of what led to the fatal mall shooting. The order does not mention video, but Brown's lawyer said the evidence may include it.

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