Anthropologie selling rusty trash can for $99.95

Anthropologie selling trash can for $99.95

Shabby chic is taking a new twist. Anthropologie is selling a distressed, two-foot tall, trash can for $99.95.

It's not just any trash can, this one is called the West Village Corrugated Can. According to the Anthropologie website, the trash can is hand made and comes with either a rope-based handle or two wooden ones.

It's even on sale with an original price of $148.

According to the Atlantic, this isn't the first time Anthropologie has re-sold "found art."

On the one hand: Nothing to see here (except, of course, for a rusty trash receptacle).

The wastebasketwhich could be used in one's home as an actual trash can, or as an umbrella holder, or as the base of a side table,

or as a million other thingsis simply another entry in the "shabby chic" design trend that's long been touted by design magazines and blogs and the perky hosts of HGTV.

It's yet more evidence of the current triumphEdison lightbulbs, factory carts cheekily repurposed into coffee tablesof the industrial look.

And Anthropologie itself, after all, has long exploited its customers' desire for mass-produced home decor that masquerades as "found art"

(see: the Decker Double Bookcase in Tall ($1,598), the Burnished Wood Console in brown ($498), the strategically speckled Beaux Arts Mirror ($1,298)).

The brand's overall premise, for its stores and its clothes and its home furnishings and decor, has been to bring the logic of the Paris artist's loft to that place's antithesis: the American mall.

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