3 high school students capture video of them shooting each other

    3 Lawton High School students capture video of them shooting each other. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

    Charges could be brought against three Lawton High School students after police say they took turns shooting at each other while wearing a bulletproof vest.

    The Van Buren County Sheriff Office is investigating and Newschannel 3's Rachel Glaser was told by investigators that they have video of the shooting.

    Veteran investigators said it is the stupidest thing they've ever seen and the teens who got shot wearing an old bulletproof vest are incredibly lucky.

    Todd Docekal said, “My son's friend put it on, he wanted my son to shoot him.”

    Docekal's 16-year-old son took aim at his friend's chest and pulled the trigger - bullseye.

    The .22 caliber bullet went right into the center of the bullet proof vest, which aren't really bullet proof.

    “Very stupid," Docekal said.

    Police say the out dated body armor was stolen from a home in the village of Lawton, Mich.

    “What if you pulled the trigger a little bit and went low or high or to the side, there's just too many what ifs that didn't happen," Docekal said.

    The first shot was lucky. The teenage target wasn't seriously hurt. Bullet resistant gear typically expires after five years because the layers of protection wear down.

    Docekal's 16-year-old son wanted a turn.

    Docekal said, “So my oldest son said, ‘I'll shoot you.’ So, my oldest son shot my other son.”

    The father of five built a shooting range in his backyard in rural Lawton. Never in a million years did he think his teenage sons would use each other for target practice.

    Docekal said, “I was mad, now I don't know the feelings I have, I mean I'm hurt now.”

    He didn't know about the bulletproof vest shooting game until he watched his 17-year-old son shoot his younger brother on video.

    He said, “I could've lost a son. My son could've lost his friend.”

    The video made its way around Lawton High School and police were called in to investigate.

    While the teens were not physically harmed, legally there could consequences.

    It is still an ongoing investigation. No charges have been filed yet, but the case is expected to go to the prosecutor's office in a week or so.

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