Women enter 'Not Guilty' pleas after child burned so severely his leg had to be amputated

Three women have been charged after an infant was burned so severely that his leg had to be amputated. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Three women have entered not guilty pleas after being charged in connection to an infant being so severely burned he had to have his leg amputated.

Breanna Cole, 26, Cordett Cole, 42, and Cabrion Washington, 26, all entered not guilty pleas during arraignments Feb. 1 in Oklahoma County court.

Breanna Cole faces charges of child abuse and child neglect while her mother, Cordett, was charged with child neglect. The boy's mother, Washington, also faces a child neglect charge.

Both Breanna and Cordett had their bail set at $1 million. Washington's bond came in at $10,000.

On Dec. 25, police were dispatched to OU Children's Hospital after an 11-month-old was brought in with severe burns to the lower half of his body. Police spoke with Cole, who stated she was the godmother of the boy and he had been in her care since Dec. 8 because the boy's sibling had hand, foot and mouth disease.

Cole told police that on Dec. 10 she was at her mother's home watching the boy. She was boiling hot water to make tea when she noticed the boy having a seizure. She put the hot kettle down on the table as she looked after the boy. Cole said that sometime during the seizure the boy grabbed the tablecloth and pulled the hot water kettle down onto himself.

The woman stated she thought the burns were only "first degree" and decided to treat them at home. Cole's mother, Cordett Cole, was aware of the incident and reportedly told the woman how to treat the burns.

The boy's mother, Washington, told police that she had attempted to get into contact with Cole to see how he was doing but was never able to see him in person. On Dec. 25, the boy was taken to the hospital after suffering another seizure and having trouble breathing.

Doctors determined that the boy had bruises on his head and face and had a tooth knocked loose to go along with third-degree burns on much of his lower body. The infant was transported to a Dallas hospital to receive treatment and doctors were forced to amputate his right leg at the hip.

Hospital officials told police that the boy's injuries didn't match Cole's statement of what occurred and that his leg would not have been amputated had the burns been treated correctly after they occurred.

Police later learned that Cole had been arrested on Dec. 19 for an unrelated matter. She was released on Dec. 21. During that time, Cordette had cared for the boy.

The women are all slated for preliminary hearing conferences on Feb. 22.

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