Woman who reported to the FBI she was hired for murder, tells FOX 25 her story

Tinsley Keefe tells FOX 25 she was allegedly hired for murder by a Ponca City woman Monday, July 3, 2017.

A woman from Ponca City is charged in federal court in a murder-for-hire plot. The person she allegedly hired to carry out the murder, talked to FOX 25 about the experience.

Tinsley Keefe told FOX 25 she responded to a Craigslist ad in May, calling for someone to work on an overseas production. As she met with a woman, identified now by the FBI as Danielle Layman, Keefe said she found out this was something more.

"When I got there, this gal that called herself Samantha Dowdy, or something like that, she got some information from me, and said 'oh, and by the way, this is not about acting and modeling," Keefe said.

Samantha Dowry is listed as an alias used by Layman on the court paperwork filed in this case.

Keefe said the woman told her she was with the Israeli Intelligence Agency and needed someone to travel to Israel to kill a member of ISIS who is working as a taxi driver.

"I was like 'why would you ask me?" And she said because she was recruited back when she was in college, she'd been doing it for a number of years, but couldn't do it this time around because she was pregnant," Keefe said.

As they met, Keefe says the woman gave her elaborate details of how to carry out the hit and offered her $4,000 for a successful mission.

"She had all these pictures and a slideshow presentation all ready to go. She had codes... and was teaching me how to do those. But she also said that the reason she wanted an American, female tourist to do it was because they would be less likely to be suspected," Keefe said.

She said she tried to play cool but knew this was weird. As soon as she left the meeting, she said, she asked a lawyer friend what to do and he advised her to call the FBI.

She said it took weeks to hear from investigators. But once the case got rolling, she was told about the search carried out on Layman's home in Ponca City Friday and Layman's arrest.

The FBI has discovered the taxi cab driver target is Layman's ex-husband. Keefe said she didn't know that until news reports Monday.

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