Woman sentenced to prison and man walks free after abuse

Woman sentenced to prison and man walks free after abuse

Two children had their bones broken and now the mother is in jail and the father is a free man.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma (ACLU) had their habeus petition for one of their clients dismissed by a Pottawatomie County Court today.

Tondalao Hall is a mother of three and a domestic violence survivor. Hall was arrested after discovering her abuser was also abusing her children. Hall was sentenced to 30 years in a maximum security prison for "failing" to stop him.

Her then partner, Robert Braxton, did not serve a single day in prison for breaking the bones of two of their children.

The Legal Director for ACLU, Brady Henderson, released this statement today:

“Today’s hearing was an important step in an ongoing process to obtain justice for our client. We will follow the Court’s instruction to file in Oklahoma County and seek relief for our client through the directed means. Our client was sentenced to 30 years in prison for failing to stop her abuser’s crime. Her abuser walks free today. The ACLU will continue to fight for Tondalao and for women like her for as long as it takes to obtain justice and right this wrong.”

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