Woman has car stolen while kids are inside

Purcell police vehicle (KOKH)

A Missouri woman, driving from Texas, stopped for gas and coffee and walked out to her car gone.

Cassie Lewis was on her way back to Missouri when she stopped at the Star Travel Plaza in Purcell. The gas station is located at Highway 74 and I-35.

She went inside to get a coffee after driving her car and left it running since her three kids, ages 13, 11 and nine and her two dogs, were asleep in the back seat.

When she walked out, her car was gone. Her car was across the street, up on a curb and had honking sounds coming from it.

According to police, the 13-year-old woke up and noticed a man was driving the car. She started to kick and punch the man until he drove up the curb. The man then grabbed the mothers backpack and cellphone and ran out of the car to a truck waiting to pick him up.

Police suspect that the suspect did not realize the kids were in the back of the car, but that he saw it running and decided to take it.

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