What to do if someone is choking

What to do if someone is choking

Choking can happen to anyone at any time.

That’s why first responders urge onlookers to jump into action and do what they can to help, until they arrive.

Lt. Jimmie Travis says, if it's a baby, place the child face down on your forearm, supporting her neck and chin with your fingers.

"Hold the baby against your leg with the head lower than the body,” said Travis. “Use the heel of your hand between the shoulder blades and you're going to give five forceful back blows."

If no object pops out, turn the baby over. Place two fingers in the middle of her breastbone, just below nipple level, and give five quick thrusts.

You’ll want to repeat the cycle of five back blows and five chest thrusts until the object is dislodged

If the child loses consciousness, move the child to the floor and start CPR.

You would do the same with an adult who lost consciousness while choking.

However, if they're still conscious but unable to cough or talk, Travis says to quickly move behind them with your chest to their back.

"You're going to first take one hand, go around find their belly button,” he said. “With the other hand you're going to make a fist. The thumb side of your fist is going to go above your hand but below his breast bone. You're going to cover here and you're going to pull upward and inward upward and inward until the choking is relieved."

Both the American Red Cross and Oklahoma City Fire Department offer CPR and first aid training.

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