Weatherford residents surprised by man's false visa arrest

A Weatherford apartment complex where a man indicted on having a false visa once lived. (KOKH/Josh Vascil)

A man accused of attempting to join an Al Qaeda camp and having a false visa lived for a time with his family in Weatherford.

It was quiet outside the Weatherford apartment complex where investigators say Naif Alfallaj lived when he registered for a pilot's license in 2016. Alfallaj was arrested Tuesday on federal charges including having a false non-immigrant visa and lying to the FBI and Homeland security.

One neighbor told FOX 25 that Alfallaj had a wife and kids. He says the man was very quiet and that he didn't suspect him of being part of a terrorist plan. Luke Voyles told FOX 25 he has lived in Weatherford his whole life and that he is surprised to hear about something like this.

"Definitely not something you'd expect. Especially in a small town like this. I guess it's unsuspecting for a reason," Voyles said.

Voyles says it's hard to keep track of people in the apartment complex because it is so close to Southwestern Oklahoma State University and many residents are students.

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