Volunteer pilots complete dog rescue mission after Oklahoma pilot goes missing

Volunteers with Pilots N Paws flew a disabled dog from Texas to Oklahoma after the mission's original pilot went missing. (KOKH/Caroline Vandergriff)

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) - While the search continues for a missing pilot from Edmond, Oklahoma, his colleagues made a rescue flight in his honor Thursday night.

Dr. Bill Kinsinger left the Wiley Post Airport Wednesday for Texas. He had planned to reach the Austin area to rescue a disabled dog, but his plane was last seen heading into the Gulf of Mexico.

Thursday, fellow volunteers with Pilots N Paws brought that dog to Oklahoma. They say even though Kinsinger is missing, he would have wanted this trip to happen.

"Whatever happened to Bill, you know, he did it for this dog out of the goodness of his heart, for the right reasons,” said pilot Justin Blackburn. “So, it would be, you know, be kind of sad for me to not have that completed."

The pilots brought the senior husky, which has no use of his back legs, to his temporary foster family in Oklahoma. The dog will ultimately head to a rescue in Las Vegas, where he can get the medical care he needs.

Kinsinger has been volunteering with Pilots N Paws since 2014.

“Bill was such a phenomenal pilot for Pilots N Paws,” said Kelly Rosson, a volunteer with the organization. “There was one flight the girls booked and he had five dogs on one flight, and he didn’t back down. He took on that responsibility and got them to their final destinations, their forever homes.”

His fellow volunteers are hopeful the pilot will be found alive.

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