Metro burglary victim tracks down and detains suspect

Christopher Rhoades, 41, was arrested Feb. 7 in Oklahoma City on complaints of assault and battery and assault with a deadly weapon. (Oklahoma County Jail)

An Oklahoma City man took matters into his own hands after catching a suspect trying to burglarize a truck.

Glenn’s Road House owner, Glenn Benedict, said he caught the suspect on surveillance video, breaking into one car Monday night and attempting to break into another Wednesday afternoon.

“I can't believe this is happening,” Benedict said. “I got a lot of older patrons that come up here and I just don't like people stealing from people. So I didn't want it happening anymore today.”

The alleged suspect, 41-year-old Christopher Rhoades, was unsuccessful in his second attempt to burglarize a car. That's when you see Benedict jump in, trying to stop the suspect in the surveillance video, but he takes off.

“I seen him driving down Council Road. So I followed him into the 7-Eleven parking lot,” Benedict said.

That's when he blocked the suspect's car with his truck near a 7-Eleven near Council and SW 29th Street.

“He started ramming my car. I think he rammed it about three times,” Benedict said. “He got out with a bat. So I backed up a little bit.”

He then proceeded to move in closer so he wasn't able to hit him again. Police reports show Rhoades tried to take off into the Metro PCS store.

“I grabbed him, threw him on the ground and held him until the cops got there,” Benedict said.

Although this turned out to be a dangerous situation., Oklahoma City Police Department MSgt. Gary Knight said to be cautious when trying to detain a suspect.

“If they see criminal activity or can get information, do so. We want them to do so in a safe manner. And this very quickly became unsafe," Knight said.

Rhoades was previously arrested in 2015 for burglary and burglary of tools. He now faces four complaints, two counts of assault and battery and assault with a deadly weapon. He was arrested and taken to Oklahoma County Jail.

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