Vehicle slams into building in Midtown Oklahoma City

A vehicle slammed into Commonplace Books July 10 in Oklahoma City. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

Benjamin Nockels said the sound of an SUV crashing right into his bookstore on Tuesday afternoon was unlike anything he's used to.

"It was explosive in nature," Nockels said. "It sounded like a truck hit your building because that's exactly what happened. His momentum carried him completely into the store."

Police said a black Mercedes SUV got into a crash with another car at NW 13th St. and Walker Ave. After stopping in front of the Commonplace bookstore, the driver appeared to hit the gas instead of the brake.

Nockels said none of the around 20 people inside were hurt.

"We're incredibly fortunate," Nockels said. "This is a very high traffic sidewalk. Lots of foot traffic, lots of strollers, lots of tricycles, lots of babies on bikes, lots of mommas and daddies."

Nockels said people from all around the area came to help out after seeing what happened.

"This isn't my space, it's our space," Nockels said. "It's not my bookstore, it's all of our bookstore. We say all the time this is about books and people."

He said he's grateful no one was standing in the section where the car came through, although it was close.

"My oldest daughter was sitting on a sofa just mere feet from where the vehicle came through the glass," Nockels said. "She was the closest."

The driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital following the crash. No one inside the bookstore suffered injuries.

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