Oklahoma family's Christmas in peril after vehicle shot up with BB gun

An Oklahoma City family's Christmas might be delayed due to paying damage for vehicle shot up with BB guns. (Shardaa Gray/KOKH)

Some Oklahoma City residents are on high alert after several reports of windows being shot by a BB gun on Thanksgiving Day.

An Oklahoma City family woke up to shattered glass Thanksgiving Day and dents from BBs still remain. Melissa Fraley told FOX 25 the repairs to this car has set them back from buying Christmas gifts for their children.

“It makes you upset whenever you pay so much money for a vehicle and you trust that it's going to be okay in your driveway. Then you come out on a holiday morning and have no windows,” Fraley said.

She had no idea what she'd wake up to Thanksgiving morning.

“We woke up Thursday morning, came outside to find that both of our back windows busted,” Fraley said. “We had someone shoot about 11 BBs through our back windows.”

She's calling this damage to her car a set back because she had to pay nearly $900 to fix it.

“It knocks us...a deficit right before Christmas,” said Fraley.

Which means, Santa will be bringing Christmas gifts a little bit later for her girls.

“Their Christmas will be put off a little bit,” said Fraley. “They may get late Christmas presents instead of everything on time, but they understand.”

Just before her car was shot up, police reports show several other cars had windows busted out. Police were called out to a home near SE 15th and Fairmont after someone shot out the windows of two vehicles. Less than an hour later, police were called out to another report of B gun damage near E. Grand and S. Eckroat Street.

“We believe this is possibly related to a stolen vehicle that was recovered in the area. There were BB guns found inside that vehicle as well,” said Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight. “So at this time, we're working to see if we can link up what happened with that case to the windows that were shot out.”

While police continue their investigation, Fraley is trying to figure out how to fill the hole for Christmas.

“They have no respect for other people's property or other people's feelings,” Fraley said.

The family tells FOX 25 they do plan to install security cameras for their own safety. This isn't the first time police have been called out this month to reports of windows being shot out. About two weeks ago, police responded to several businesses with windows shattered near North Classen .

Police said that case is not related to the one in southeast Oklahoma City.

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