OKC man finds human skull in open field while walking home from work

An Oklahoma City man found a human skull in a field over the weekend, sparking the search for more remains. (Shardaa Gray/KOKH)

An investigation is underway after a man found human remains in an open field over the weekend.

A field swarmed with officers Sunday afternoon, after police reports show, Billy Johnson found human remains underneath I-40 near Reno and Pennsylvania.

“I just didn't know how to react really I mean; I was just stunned,” Johnson said. “Never come across something like that.”

Johnson told FOX 25 he was headed home from work when he got a flat tire. That's when he started to walk home and was confronted.

“This bulldog started chasing me. And I decided, well I can't outrun it. So I decided to jump this fence,” Johnson said.

And once he jumped the fence, he found something startling.

“I just seen a skull, had the teeth missing. Still had dry skin on the side of the skull and everything is what I saw, but I didn't stick around to see if I could find anything else,” Johnson said.

But he said, that image has stuck with him since he discovered it.

“Every time I lay to sleep, try to go to sleep; that's what I seen. It was just scary,” Johnson said.

Police reports show officers found more remains after Johnson showed them where he found the skull Saturday evening. Investigators said they were scattered in about a four-foot-high field. Authorities told FOX 25 every blue flag planted in the field is a body part.

“Officers were out there. They did extensive search in the area to make sure they could collect all of the evidence that they could find, which included remains that were found in several different places within that field,” said OCPD Officer Megan Morgan.

Johnson is just hoping justice will be served soon.

“I have kids of my own, you know. That's somebody's kid they're missing,” Johnson said. “Hopefully they can find out who it is and who it belongs to.”

Chest high grass was cut late Monday morning; which police say could help with their investigation. Officers told FOX 25 it's hard to tell the sex and age of the victim. It's also unclear how long the remains had been in that field.

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