Two Mustang schools on lockdown after unauthorized man tries to enter


    Update: The lockdowns at both schools have been removed.

    Students have been released and police have left the scene.

    This story is developing.

    Jan. 15 4:30 PM: Mustang Creek Elementary School and Mustang North Middle School in Yukon are on lockdown after an unauthorized man tried to enter both schools according to the Canadian County Sheriff's Office.

    The man is described as having tattoos on his face, wearing dark clothes, and no shoes.

    They say the man tried to enter both schools through their back doors around 3:30 pm.

    Canadian County Sheriff's Office is actively looking for the man to learn why he was trying to enter the schools.

    OKCPD Air one is assisting in the search.

    Students have not been released from either school but if officers cannot find the man in a reasonable amount of time they will begin escorting students out.

    Police will remain on scene until all students have safely left the school grounds.

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