Twistex Memorial dedicated to 3 killed in El Reno

Today three brave, highly experienced, storm chasers were honored in El Reno. Carl Young, Timothy Samaras and his son Paul were killed after a tornado took an unexpected turn on May 31, 2013 and struck their vehicle.

Gabe Garfield, Samaras friend and meteorologist, told FOX 25 this was a very unusual storm. "It was large, it was violent and it was moving very quickly right over there by Highway 81," Garfield said, "It was moving at an excess of over 50 miles an hour and to make matters worse it was entirely rain wrapped. The tornado, they thought, was heading south east, but through the rain it turned and started heading north, towards them at over 40 miles an hour. Once they were clear of the rain, the tornado had caught up to them.

Now, a memorial stands beside the field were the team was found, the storm chasing community joining hands honoring the men they call role models.

Tim Samaras was a respected chaser and researcher who documented storms for outlets like National Geographic, his son Paul born on his Dad's birthday...and shared the same passion for capturing mother nature, at her best, but especially her worst.

Carl Young taught extreme weather and Geology and Lake Tahoe Community College before joining the TWISTEX team, he often played the role of on board meteorologist and navigator. Christiaan Patterson, chased with Young on occasion and described his as patient, and humble. "Carl was hilarious," Patterson said, "He was just one of those fun loving energetic people, who he would walk into a room and you would just start smiling because he was so full of life." Patterson described Paul Samaras as a gentle spirit who appreciated all forms of life, saying he loved working beside his father, whom he shared a birthday.

There is a scholarship fun set aside in Young's memory at the Lake Tahoe Community College. For more information about the Carl Young Memorial Earth Science Scholarship and how to donate to it, please contact Foundation Director Peter Bostic at (530) 541-4660 ext. 245, or email him at

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