Turnpike Authority to soon auction off property in eastern Oklahoma County


The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will soon be auctioning off property it purchased to make way for the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike.

The six parcels of land, which are around 12 acres, are located along Luther Road in Harrah. The OTA says they were bought in negotiations with the previous landowners. Joe Echelle, OTA assistant executive director of maintenance, engineering and construction, says most of the homes and buildings on the properties still stand and are occupied.

"The occupancy agreements for each of these house is different, so some places will be vacant in a few months and some of them are closer to a year before they'll be vacant. As those houses come up to being vacant, that's when we'll be selling them," Echelle said.

Most of the landowners opted to sell their entire parcel to the OTA once they learned the EOC would be running through a portion of their property. In the mean time, construction on the project has begun. The OTA is still acquiring property.

"We're about 90 to 95 percent complete on purchasing right away. We still have some outlier properties that we're still negotiating with landowners on. But for the most part we're wrapping up right away on the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike," Echelle said.

The project is slated to be complete by 2021. The OTA says it will reduce the drive time to Tulsa from Oklahoma City and produce a loop to alleviate current congested traffic in the metro.

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