Tulsans brave the freezing temperatures for third Women's March

Tulsans brave the freezing temperatures for third Women's March (KTUL)

Through the freezing temperatures and blustery wind, women and men marched through downtown Tulsa for the third Women's March.

"We can't just protest and go follow the weather pattern, we have to show people, we have to tell people how important this mission is," marcher Karen Wollman said.

She says this isn't just a protest.

"Its a mission to save our country," Wollman said.

The marchers yelled chants and waived signs through downtown.

"Grateful for the women before me, who fought for my rights," Theresa Williamson read from her homemade sign.

She is taking on that same duty for future generations.

"Voting rights, women's rights, we are not going back to the 60s," Williamson said. "Roe versus Wade, I was seven years old when they passed that and my entire life I've got to hold true with what that stands for."

Hundreds have fought against that Supreme Court ruling which made abortion legal.

There have been numerous attempts to overturn it, but it hasn't been done yet.

However, President Trump and other lawmakers have implemented several acts allowing health care professionals and insurance companies to not comply based on their freedom of conscience and religion.

"Women get to take up their own bodies, that's not something that anyone gets to a make a decision for," Williamson said.

The fight for equality goes beyond just today.

Tulsans won't rest until it is done.

The rest of the rally was supposed to be outside, but because of the cold weather, everything was moved inside the Living Arts building.

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