Tulsa man working to recreate the success of Black Wall Street with fashion and history

Tulsa man working to recreate the success of Black Wall Street with fashion and history (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla (KTUL) -- Bringing up the past can sometimes be difficult, especially when it's as horrific as the Race Massacre of 1921.

But one Tulsa man, Trey Thaxton, created a project, Greenwood Ave. to highlight the over 600 businesses and their success on Black Wall Street especially during Black History Month.

This project uses logos from those businesses, and prints them on t-shirts.

"There were movie theaters, banks, grocery stores and even electric companies that people haven't heard about. This is just a way to celebrate those pioneers," said Thaxton.

He came up with this idea after realizing this time period isn't talked about enough, even saying he didn't learn about Black Wall Street until his 20's.

"It's a disservice to those entrepreneurs who literally bled and died for us to be able to start companies, and for us to be able to own and create," said Thaxton.

Thaxton doesn't claim to know it all about what happened almost 100 years ago, but that's the point.

"Everything I'm doing is me learning about these different companies, diving into books and trying to research to find out what was really going on with these companies," said Thaxton. "We're able to take a lot of that historical imagery and recreate it for today."

And to recreate that sometimes meaning talking about painful times.

Thaxton hopes his t-shirts will spark more conversations.

"If we're able to see this was happening where there will millionaires back then with a lot less resources..then how much more are we able to do today?" said Thaxton.

Ten percent of each t-shirt sold will go to different scholarships and organization to help grow Black Wall Street, to buy a t-shirt click here.

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