Tulsa County Sheriff's Office arrests 2 in drugs, weapons bust

TCSO arrested 2 in drugs, weapons bust (Courtesy of the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office)

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office arrested two people after a traffic stop and subsequent search of one suspect's apartment.

Strozier Moore was pulled over for a traffic violation, and Brittany Alexander was a passenger in the vehicle, deputies say. Alexander's 3-year-old child was unrestrained in the vehicle.

When deputies searched the vehicle, they found a hatchet hidden next to the driver's seat; they say they also found a pistol, pills, cash and two air soft pistols.

In Alexander's purse and waistband, deputies found a meth pipe with baggies of meth and marijuana. When deputies served a search warrant at her apartment, they recovered 37 grams of meth, meth pipes, a shotgun, pistol, ammunition for both guns, scales and prescription painkillers.

Both suspects face a list of narcotics and weapons charges, deputies say. Alexander also faces charges of child endangerment.

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