Trump nominates Oklahoma Supreme Court justice to serve in U.S. District Court

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Patrick Wyrick. (Courtesy of the Oklahoma Supreme Court)

President Donald Trump has nominated a controversial Oklahoma Supreme Court pick to serve at the federal level.

The White House announced Tuesday that Trump has nominated Patrick Wyrick to serve as District Justice on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

The former state Solicitor General ran into legal roadblocks in 2017 when he was appointed to the state Supreme Court seat. Wyrick claimed he was a resident of the second judicial district since “birth.” The state constitution requires a justice to be a ‘bona fide resident’ of the district they are representing for one year prior to their appointment. Property records and voting records all show Wyrick lives in Cleveland County. He has lived almost the entirety of his adult life outside the second judicial district.

The Oklahoma ACLU filed suit in attempt to have Wyrick removed, but the Supreme Court cleared him to serve.

Wyrick has also previously been mentioned as a possible candidate for the United States Supreme Court.

Trump also nominated Tulsa-based attorney John M. O'Connor to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern, Northern and Western Districts of Oklahoma.

Both nominees will have to go through the confirmation process.

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