Tips to prepare your home for heavy Oklahoma wind

Skyline of downtown Oklahoma City (Dan Snyder/KOKH)

When it comes to the big things like downed power poles and outages, OG&E is getting ready.

"We're going around our system and checking crew availability just so we have an idea of who all would be prepared to go out and work should we have outages from the winds," OG&E spokeswoman Kathleen O'Shea said.

But what about the Christmas decorations you've spent hours to put up?

First, use longer spikes or nails. You can also use screw-in-ground anchors.

Another great tip is to angle your spikes angle away from the center.

And also stay away from using things like bricks or cement blocks. They can be dragged along and cause more problems.

But the best advice might be to bring them inside.

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