Tips for Picking The Perfect Roses for Your Valentine

George Catechis from The Fleuriste in Oklahoma City shares some tips on what to look for in choosing the perfectly healthy rose for your Valentine. (The Fleuriste)

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KOKH) Valentine's Day is Wednesday, February 14th and making sure the evening is perfect involves the chocolate, the card, and the dinner but more importantly, choosing the right bouquet of roses for your Valentine can make the world of difference. Do you go with a single rose or an over-the-top floral arrangement? What style, design or even the color of the rose will send the right message?

George Catechis is a Master Florist at The Fleuriste in Oklahoma City and he's sharing some tips on what to look for in choosing the perfectly healthy rose.

  • The head of the rose should be firm
  • Squeeze the middle of the rose head, it should not open
  • The petals should not be fully open or fully closed
  • Look for roses with little or no veins on the petals. The more veins, the older the flower.
  • The stem should be dark green with a “wood-like” color.

But what about the color of the rose? Here's a quick breakdown of what a rose's color represents:

  • Red: love, romance, and will always the way to say "I love you."
  • Pink: admiration, appreciation and/or gratitude
  • Peach: also used to show gratitude
  • White: usually used for weddings, but can represent new beginnings
  • Orange: passionate romance
  • Yellow: friendship

What to do with the roses to extend their life after Valentine's Day:

  • Use a sharp knife or shears to cut an inch from the bottom of the stem
  • If delivered in a box need to be opened immediately and placed in water. place the vase in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.
  • Remove any leaves as they can provide bacteria
  • Add warm water to the vase every day. Always keep the vase full.

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