Tips for putting up Christmas lights from Oklahoma City pros

A holiday light display in Oklahoma City dedicated to the OKC Thunder (Caroline Vandergriff/KOKH).

The holiday season is here, and you can find stunning Christmas light displays in neighborhoods across Oklahoma City. If you don’t have yours up yet, it’s not too late.

“You can get pretty much as crazy as you want to with Christmas lights,” said Matt Jorgensen with Turf Works Lawn Care.

His company installs holiday lights during the season.

“If I were working with a limited budget and I were installing them myself, I’d do a larger bulb around the roof lines, probably a C9,” Jorgensen said.

He’d also recommend wrapping your trees or the columns on your front porch to add brightness to the house.

  • Get gutter clips to make sure the strands on your house stay straight
  • Buy the same brand of LED lights to make sure the color is consistent
  • Check how many strands you can plug together into a single outlet so you don’t create a fire hazard
  • Always be cautious when using a ladder to wrap tall trees or put lights on your roof

“Don’t try to reach too far over,” said Jorgensen. “Just get down, move your ladder, and put the next strand of lights up, because the last thing you want to do is fall off a ladder during the holiday season and end up in a cast or worse.”

On average, incandescent lights are typically less expensive than LEDs. However, LED lights could have less of an impact on your electricity bill because they're much more energy efficient.

This far into December, many stores are already running out of lights, so keep in mind your selection may be limited if you buy now.

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