Thunder and Wizards fans compete for Kevin Durant

Thunder fans are rallying to keep Kevin Durant in an OKC uniform. (KOKH/Tom George)

After the Thunder's heartbreaking loss to the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 denied Oklahoma City a shot at the NBA championship this year, speculation is now turning to Kevin Durant's future with the team.

Durant will become a free agent in July, and many in OKC are rallying to keep KD in town. There have been Facebook groups to Keep KD in OKC, and supporters have been using the hashtag #StayKD. They're hoping Durant will be swayed by the idea of staying with fellow players Russell Westbrook and Steve Adams to finish what they started this season.

"Without him, I don't think we're gonna make it," says Thunder fan Blake Castillo. So far, Durant hasn't said what he plans to do after this season, but teammate Serge Ibaka speculated he thinks Durant will want to stay.

Another option for Durant could be signing a one year deal, which would make him a free agent again in 2017 with teammate Russell Westbrook.

But OKC fans are facing some stiff competition from KD's hometown of Washington, D.C., where fans are rallying to bring him to the Wizards.

David Porter, a rapper named Paperboy Prince, grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland, where Durant is from. He's created a song and a hashtag #KD2DC to try and bring Durant home.

"Next season, get excited to see the Wizards in the championship with Kevin Durant and you guys will be able to say I know that guy we used to have him.. You snooze you lose," Porter says.

He's also started a GoFundMe page to raise $20 million for charity to bring Durant to the Wizards. While OKC fans would argue KD would have a stronger backup with the Thunder, Porter says playing with John Wall and having his hometown crowd behind him would lead to championships in D.C.

Durant will officially be able to start talks with other teams on July 1st.

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