Three arrested after search reveals drugs, guns and cash

Oklahoma City police found three pounds of methamphetamine, four pistols, a SKS rifle and a large amount of cash inside a home after serving a search warrant March 14. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Three people have been arrested after a police search reportedly led to drugs, guns and a significant amount of cash.

The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that late March 14 the Santa Fe IMPACT Unit served a search warrant on a home in the 3100 block of SW 37 Street after receiving a tip that drug activity could be taking place at the home.

Police seized three pounds of methamphetamine, four pistols, a SKS rifle and a large amount of cash from the home. One of the pistols was reported stolen.

"As it turns out, one of those handguns was reported stolen so all of those guns are in police custody at this time," Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight said.

Police said it was important to find out what was going on in the house and end something that could have possibly ended worse.

"It is important that we serve these types of search warrants and work these types of operations because most of the homicides we deal with in Oklahoma City are related to drugs or related to gangs," Knight said.

Officers arrested 24-year-old Lorena Martinez-Reyes, 23-year-old Haribe Arrizon and 20-year-old Stephanie Rendon following the search.

Police say that a dog was found in the garage of the home in such poor health that it could not stand.

The three face complaints of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, possession of proceeds in violation of UCDSA and possession of an offensive weapon while committing a felony. Martinez-Reyes faces an additional complaint of animal cruelty.

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