Thieves steal tires from 40 vehicles at Norman dealership

A Norman Chevy dealership was hit by thieves who stole tires from 40 vehicles. (KOKH)

Thousands of dollars in tires were stolen off of vehicles at a Norman dealership.

The Norman Police Department reports that sometime between the evening of Feb. 3 and the morning of Feb. 5 thieves worked to steal approximately 160 rims and tires from 40 vehicles at Landers Chevrolet, 1221 Ed Noble Parkway.

Police think they same people who hit dealerships in Texas, could be behind this case as well. Spokesperson Sarah Jensen said there have been cases in Tyler and Houston.

"They almost add up exactly, including the number of vehicles targeted," she said.

Employees at Landers discovered the crime at 8 a.m. Monday. The vehicles were all sitting on wooden blocks.

"At first they only thought that there was 10 or 15 vehicles affected by the theft, but then as they began to move through their inventory they noticed there was upwards of approximately 40 vehicles that had had their tires and rims taken off," Jensen said.

She said the lock on a gate had been cut. Police also think the thieves climbed light poles on the lot to disable the lights. The dealership said more than a dozen light posts where cuts.

The thieves stole tires from Chevrolet trucks, suburbans and Cameros.

"It seems like this was a very coordinated effort. It seems like they knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it when they got in, got what they wanted and got out," Jensen said.

Police have no suspects in the case.

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