Thieves break into local church stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics

    Thieves break into local church stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics (KTUL)<p>{/p}

    SKIATOOK, Okla. (KTUL) – Thieves break into a local church two nights in a row, stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

    The thieves stole from Skiatook First United Methodist Church, taking a 40 inch TV, a Wii game system, three Xbox 360s, an Xbox, a Wii sensor and various controllers and games.

    The first time the thieves were able to walk in the front door that was left unlocked by contracted workers. The church’s pastor said the workers didn’t know how to lock up the building.

    Miria Jones is the director of the after-school program at the church. She was the one who originally noticed the 40 inch TV in the snack room was missing.

    “When I walked in to take the snacks in, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the TV was no longer there,” Jones said.

    She immediately told Reverend Susan Whitley, who then discovered the thieves also went so far as to steal the wall mount.

    “We were a little shocked at that,” she said. “The TV okay, but the brackets were unusual.”

    That day, Jones said she took a couple extra precautions.

    “I made sure all of the keys were hidden and everything was locked tight,” she said. “I didn’t leave until 10:40 that night and so when I came in the next day and when I got to my desk, it was completely out of sorts, everything had been moved.”

    This time the thieves broke in through a back window and kicked in the doors of almost every room. Jones said an estimated cost to fix the four broken doors is about $600 each.

    “I was just so in shock that it had happened two nights in a row,” said Jones.

    They stole almost every electronic device they could find in the video game room and then they also took cash and checks that were going to help pay children’s tuition to attend the after school program.

    “Our primary goal is to serve disadvantaged children,” said Whitley. “That was one of the most popular rooms and they did take all of that unfortunately. The kids were just devastated.”

    That’s why their focus now is getting new games for their students to enjoy once again.

    “We do want to have the kids have the best experience here every day after school that they possibly can and that includes a little bit of their normal activities of gaming,” said Whitley.

    The church has been receiving donations to help get new equipment for the video game room.

    They do plan to get a security system to prevent this from happening again.

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