The Snowmagedon that never was...


Of course the big story of the day is the Snowmagedon that never was.

Many of you might be surrounded by the bread and milk that you bought to prepare. But some people braved the dry streets, to have winter fun At the few places that did stay open.

It was bone dry but many people were happy warming up to a cozy fire at the Pop-Up Shops or having fun at the ice rink.

"It was kind of a pleasant surprise I guess."

But on the other had there were some who were disappointed.

"The more snow for me the better."

And a week ago it was shaping up to a big weather event.

"It was supposed to be like 8 inches, yea I have no clue, I think it was supposed to a lot a couple maybe right?," said Lauren Haddad and Caroline Hall, Pop-Up Shop shoppers.

But we all know that things change fast here.

"Of course we were prepared to hunker down but i'm not disappointed i'm here at the Pop-Up Shops," said Hillary Martin, Pop-Up Shop shopper.

"Living in Oklahoma you kind of adapted to always a lot of hype and sometimes not a lot of follow through, you really never know what's gonna happen in Oklahoma," said Ashley Fogle, Co-Owner of Ride OKC.

So folks came out, brought their kids, their dogs, went shopping, biking, and of course laced up and hit the ice.

"We all said lots of prayers around here and we're just so glad it ended up kind of a beautiful day," said Paige Beal, Owner of Tulips Home and Gift.

A snow day with out the snow, but still some winter fun here in the metro.

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