The Banquet Cinema Pub - Refurbished Building With A New Idea

    The Banquet Cinema Pub - Refurbished Building With A New Idea (The Banquet Cinema Pub)

    It's a bar, it's a restaurant, it's a movie house and it's part of the revitalization of downtown. Soon, The Banquet Cinema Pub will open up to the public and the trendy new silver screens will be a popular hotspot right between Midtown and Film Row.

    Hunter Wheat, owner of The Banquet Cinema Pub wanted to bring something to OKC that has already taken over the Northwest and other hip towns - converting an old, unused building into a cinema pub where independent, blockbuster and cult classic movies can be played and theater-goers can enjoy a great meal and have a drink.

    Located at the corner of NW 4th and Shartel, The Banquet Cinema Pub will feature a restaurant and event space with televisions and a projector screen in the showroom, inside are two 75 seat theaters. There will be a bar that will be in the middle of the two theaters and patrons are able to bring their food and drink in to watch the movie. The building was once a Pontiac and Chrysler showroom as well as a service garage. The building was gutted out years ago and on February 13, 2019 will become the newest bar/restaurant/cinema in OKC. Albeit the first of it's kind.

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