VIDEO: Suspect asks for refund on coffee after armed robbery goes wrong

Surveillance video shows an armed robbery suspect in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Police hope to identify a suspect that asked for a refund on his coffee following a failed armed robbery attempt in northwest Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma City Police Department has released surveillance video of a man Jan. 11 entering Star Food Market, 2901 NW 10, and paying for a cup of coffee. When the clerk opened the register, the suspect pulls a weapon and demands cash.

The clerk shut the register and refused, which led the man to flee the store. He returned moments later and demanded his money back for the coffee. The man took the dollar for the coffee and went to a nearby Family Dollar, 2809 NW 10, and robbed it. Police did not immediately identify when the crime occur.

Anyone with information on the man is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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