Supporters rallied at the Capitol for Senate Bill classifying abortion as murder


    Chants were heard throughout the Capitol building Tuesday as supporters of Senate Bill 13 rallied to abolish abortion.

    "Abortion is the greatest evil man can perpetrate on another human being for not only does it involve the killing of a human being...but of the most innocent human beings among us."

    If the bill is passed it would classify abortion as murder.

    Senator Joseph Silk, the man behind the bill, hopes the bill will pass to make Oklahoma the first state in the nation to abolish abortion.

    Hundreds were at the Capitol Rotunda holding signs and chanting in support to abolish abortion in Oklahoma.

    Deedee Nielson is a supporter of SB 13 and said she "believes abortion is murder".

    Senate Bill 13 would provide unborn children equal protection to the laws of Oklahoma at the moment of fertilization.

    "Pro-life movement is like, I wouldn't abort my baby but I'm not going to tell you what to do. That's not enough. It's not my body, my choice. It's a separate DNA inside your body. It's a human right to be able to have a chance at life." said Megan Moeini.

    The supporters marched to the Senate Chambers in hopes of holding Oklahoma Legislators accountable.

    Kianoosh Moeini said, "I'm tired of seeing legislators being voted into office claiming to be pro life but we're not seeing a lot of headway and it's just happened over and over again."

    Senator Silk introduced the crowd to the Oklahoma Legislature and Governor Kevin Stitt said last week he would sign every bill that came to his desk restricting abortion.

    State Senator Jason Dunnington, who admits to being one of the few pro-choice lawmakers at the state capitol, said another angle is needed to tackle the issue of abortion.

    "We can teach comprehensive sex education in schools, and we can provide better access to contraception. we know, impericle data shows us, that if we do those two simple things, we will lower the rate of abortion by half in the state of Oklahoma." said Dunnington.

    He also said no lawmakers are anti-life and that abortion is a political issue keeping lawmakers from focusing on ways to actually resolve the problem.

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