Super Tuesday: Some Edmond voters waiting in line for 45 minutes

Long voting lines in Edmond (Bill Schammert, KOKH)

If you can find a parking spot on this Super Tuesday at the Waterloo Road Baptist Church in Edmond, your attempt at fulfilling your civic duty is only partly over.

"I've been waiting forty minutes, but it's worth it," Kathy Curran said.

At around 1:30 p.m., Curran was one of more than 90 people waiting in line to vote at her north Edmond polling place.

"This is a major election. It's the crossroads of our country," she said with a smile.

Most other people around Curran told Fox 25 they were waiting about the same amount of time. There was no single issue, just a lot of people wanting to vote and a slow, by-the-book process.

In fact, we couldn't find one person overly angry about the long wait.

"It's my voice and I want it to be heard," Shannon Goodspeed said.

Down the road at the First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, the line varied between zero and about eight people.

"It's essential," Jason Zan said. "This right we have to choose our leaders at home as well as impact the rest of the world, if we're not exercising that then anything can happen."

The Oklahoma County Election Board says voter turnout is on pace to greatly surpass what Oklahoma saw in the 2012 primary.

"It's about double what it was four years ago," secretary Doug Sanderson said.

According to Sanderson, as of Monday, they've received 4,792 mail-in ballots. In the last three days, they've also seen 5,050 voters come to the election board to vote early.

"You kind of get a sense, based on the return rate of mail-in ballots, of what to expect."

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