Students react to campus ban of medical marijuana

The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have banned medical marijuana on campus. (File)

Both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University released statements saying the use of medical marijuana on campus won't be allowed.

This is despite voters making it legal in the state in June.

The statements cite three federal laws including the Federal Controlled Substances Act (FCSA), which criminalizes the growth and use of marijuana.

Some students at the University of Oklahoma don't agree.

"If the state put that policy into place, the university shouldn't be stepping up and trying to limit those students and the OU community as a whole," freshman Andrea De La Torre said.

De La Torre said there could be lots of people on campus that could use medical marijuana.

"Researches in the field and even students that need it," De La Torre said. "Like medically need it and would help them with certain illnesses they might have or certain symptoms they might present."

OU junior Adrian Rotla said he thinks if this is a policy across the whole state, it should apply to OU as well.

"It's great," Rotla said. "I think it's great. They should have the options to go for treatments using weed."

He said this is part of changes with this law it will take time to adjust to.

"It's natural to have that reaction to say, 'No, we don't want to have this on campus,'" Rotla said. "But my thought is at some point even on campus, it's going to be legal."

Both OU and OSU said in addition to being banned on campus, medical marijuana won't be allowed at university-sponsored events or activities."

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