Student-led demonstration planned for Wednesday amid Oklahoma teacher walkout

Student organizing a student-led walkout demonstration. (KOKH/Ben Latham)

A student-led demonstration is planned at the State Capitol Wednesday. Students say they want to support their teachers and show Oklahoma lawmakers the issue is about the state's children.

Gabrielle Davis, a senior at Edmond Memorial High School, is organizing the event.

"We think that the point that this is about funding our education has kind of been lost," she said.

Davis is lining up teens to speak during the "Student Voices for Education" event with a voter-registration drive, and she's urging teens to talk with their legislators.

"Just because we're not voting age, doesn't mean we're not constituents and we're not impacted by legislation," she said.

Ravi Patel plans to attend the event. Patel is a senior at Southmoore High School.

"Day in and day out we have bad textbooks, extremely large classroom sizes, the cutting of our extra-curricular activities that we've loved for so long," he said.

Patel said he also wants to support his teachers and further their mission.

"They're setting an example to stand up to ignorance and inaction. They're setting an example to stand up for what you believe in and that speaks volumes to us students. It's setting a much bigger example than what our legislators have set the past decades and the past few weeks," Patel said.

The student-led demonstration will start at 10 am Wednesday.

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