Stray dog rescued at competition, competes two years later

Sally, on the left, was once shooed away from the dock diving competition she can now participate in. (KOKH)

A dog once shooed away from this dock diving facility near Purcell, is now competing thanks to a man who saw her potential.

Her new owner, Ray Mccarty said, "She was kenneled underneath the dock over here, and I asked the land owner, I’m like, 'Hey can I pet your dog?' And he was like, 'Yea, well you can pet her, she's friendly, but she's not mine. She lives in the woods here’."

Sally's original owners moved away from their house, which happened to be near the Oklahoma Thunder Dock Diving facility near Purcell.

"We have big events like this usually once a year and then we have practices all year long, mostly on the weekends," The facility owner, Bryan Landers said.

Her former owners left her to fend for herself, but Mccarty, who had a dog competing, saw her potential.

"Man, she just stole my heart the second I saw her," Mccarty said, "She loved me so much before she even met me".

Nearly two years after Sally and Ray paired up, Sally also got to compete in the competition that she once wasn’t allowed to.

"She's seen it before,” Mccarty said, “She's seen it, I’m sure, many times and then she was either shooed away or put in a kennel and now she's back here with all the other dogs, just like any other competitor."

Mccarty says she's more than just a competitor. He's actually training her to work for him in his private business out of Kansas City.

He trains dogs for detection of narcotics, firearms and prescription drugs. He says there's no law enforcement involved.

"A lot of times, people pretty much want their dog, like a detection dog, to only detect on something illegal," He said, “The opioid epidemic that’s going on, it's... they're easy to get, and it's just become a really big problem. And people are wanting to know whether their kids have them in their room or in their house".

Mccarty says it just goes to show, even once rejected dogs have the potential to fulfill their job as man's best friend.

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