Stoplight coming to busy Oklahoma intersection ahead of schedule

    ODOT is moving up when a stoplight will go in at Highway 74 & Waterloo Rd. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

    An increased number of cars are moving through the intersection of Highway 74 and Waterloo Rd.

    It's something the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has noticed more as more growth happens here.

    "That area has grown tremendously with the school system, with the highway system, with residential areas," ODOT spokesperson Terri Angier said.

    The intersection has a stop sign on Waterloo Rd. with flashing red lights.

    Highway 74 traffic doesn't stop, but Angier said some people are confused.

    "Even if you're stopped at Waterloo at the stop sign to turn left or make a turn in either direction, to not only stop but make sure the intersection is clear of traffic," Angier said.

    ODOT is now moving up a project to install a traffic light at the intersection.

    Angier said she hopes it cuts down on the 42 accidents that have happened here in the last five years.

    "Hopefully the signals will really help in the sense that people will be stopping in all four directions at the light," Angier said.

    Some projects that came in under estimate allow this one to be moved up to the next 18 months. It will still cost $500,000.

    "This project was in the year 2026," Angier said. "However our engineer had really been looking at how he could expedite this project."

    ODOT said the pattern won't be changing anytime soon so they want people to be aware of how to be safe driving through here. They said pay close attention to the signs already near the road.

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