State legislature files bill, resolution opposing federal bathroom directive

The Oklahoma State Capitol. (KOKH/Keaton Fox)

The Oklahoma legislature has filed a bill and resolution in response to a federal directive on transgender bathrooms.

Last week, the White House issued a directive allowing children to use the bathroom of the gender in which they identify. On Thursday, two pieces of legislation were filed. Senate Bill 1619, filed by President pro tempore of the Senate Brian Bingman and Speaker of the House Jeff Hickman, calls for a law that would make student restrooms exclusively for the gender the student was born.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 43, filed by Senate Anthony Sykes and sponsored by Rep. John Bennett, calls for the U.S. House of Representatives to issue articles of impeachment against President Obama for the bathroom directive.

"This directive to schools is not only unlawful, but the breadth of overreach in this instance by the Obama Administration is shocking." Bennett said. "We are working on legislation that would protect our citizens by not requiring our kids and women to share a facility with anyone who 'identifies' as a gender that they were not born. We are going to do everything we can to protect our women and children."

The legislature has until May 27 to act on the measures.

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