Son of missing Oklahoma pilot raising funds to search for his father

Dr. Bill Kinsinger. (Courtesy Pilots N Paws)

The son of a missing animal rescue pilot is raising funds to search for his father's wreckage.

Dr. Bill Kinsinger was last seen Jan. 3 in his plane over the Gulf of Mexico. He went missing while flying to the Austin-area as part of his work with the Pilots N Paws animal rescue. A military plane was sent to investigate Kinsinger's plane in the air and found the pilot slumped over, unresponsive. The plane later lost sight of Kinsinger's aircraft.

The US Coast Guard searched for 79 hours for the wreckage of Kinsinger's plane, but called off the search Jan. 8.

Kinsinger's son, Jake, is attempting to raise $100,000 to hire a sailboat and drag a sonar in the area where Kinsinger's wreckage is believed to be.

"I would start at my dad's favorite place in the world, Key West, and journey to Cancun. Make base and go out every day when it was clear and pull that sonar," Jacob said.

He's raised more than $4,000 so far, but still has a long way to go. He describes his dad a go-getter, who never gave up. Jacob said it's something that's installed in him.

"I know in my heart, my dad never, ever would have stopped looking for me, " Jacob said. "I'm giving it all I got. He's there somewhere."

He goes on to say his dad saved a lot of lives, inside the hospital and out, rescuing dogs who needed a forever home.

"My dad, Bill Kinsinger, was one of the most exceptional men that has ever been put on this earth impacting every single person he came across in a positive way. His love for animals was a passion like no other I have ever seen. He spent nearly every second of his free time and money out of his own pocket flying shelter dogs wherever they needed to go for safety," Jake wrote in the fundraising post.

You can find the fundraiser here.

Kinsinger was the medical director of obstetric anesthesia at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center.

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