Son found living with decaying father charged

Courtesy: MGN

Officers were called to a residence on the 10200 block of Major Ave Jan 12 in reference to a body that had been discovered.

A relative from out of state told officers she and other family members had been trying to reach William Little for a couple months.

She said Lynn Little, Mr. Little's son, repeatedly told them Mr. Little wasn't available.

Officers found William Little dead in his room.

A preliminary investigation by officers indicated Mr. Little had been deceased in his home for one or two months.

During the investigation officers executed a search warrant at the home, interviewed witnesses, and reviewed Mr. Little's financial records.

It was found that Mr. Little had been deceased since before Thanksgiving of 2018.

Investigators believe Lynn Little wrote multiple checks from William Little's account in gradual increases in amount and frequency.

Lynn Little had lived with his father the entire time and was responsible for preparing meals, driving his father to doctors appointments, and other caretaking tasks according to investigators.

Officers filed formal charges against Lynn Little on Thursday Feb. 7.

Little is charged with desecration of a human corpse, neglect by caretaker, forgery and embezzlement, all of which are felonies.

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