SNAP program impacted by government shutdown

SNAP program impacted by government shutdown

The government shutdown is hitting closer to home more every day. It's impacting those who can least afford it -- those who get food stamps and WIC benefits.

One young mother, 19-year-old Armetha Nicholson, who was shopping with her mother and young son said she's distressed by the possibility of her federal food help disappearing.

"That's just hard for me, because I don't make a lot of money. I own my little business. I sell jewelry, but I mean, other than that, my mom's going to be taking care of me, because I can't afford anything, basically," she said.

She's a single mom who thought she was going to be married now, but she decided it would be best for both of them if she raised her son on her own.

Armetha says she's surprised her government isn't looking out for them and that has an emotional impact on her.

She says she not sure what to expect from our government, but as a mother, she hopes the people in Washington understand that people need the help.

That's why she applied for the benefits in the first place.

"Now that they may be taking that away from me, I don't know what I'm going to do. My mom is going to have to help me out more than she is already doing," she said.

So, people all over the country are hoping for a resolution in Washington, but those who are getting benefits need to be careful to budget what they get later this month.

What happens after that is uncertain, because the benefits are only partially funded for March.

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