Sitting down with the Mayor-Elect


On this President's Day... as we look back at presidents past... we also look forward, as one local leader will soon be starting their term in office.

FOX 25 got the chance to sit down with Mayor-Elect David Holt... to talk about winning the mayoral race and his plans for the future of Oklahoma City.

Mayor-Elect David Holt laid out his plans for the city when he was campaigning -- and now, in just two months he'll be putting it into action at city hall.

So we first had to ask him how it feels.

"It feels great, obviously i'm very excited you know it's a great honor in my life time to be the mayor of my home town Oklahoma City," said Oklahoma City Mayor-Elect, David Holt.

The first thing David says he'll tackle is a proposal for MAPS 4 or metropolitan area projects, and find out what the people want.

"I want to hear from millennials, I want to hear from the south side, I want to hear from the African American population, I want to hear from communities that haven't always felt like they've had a seat at the table when we discuss these things," said Holt.

Also bringing to the forefront the diversity of Oklahoma City is on David's to do list.

"I marched in Festival de las Americas parade a lot of people to Northwest Oklahoma City didn't even know that it happened, I was in the Vietnamese New Year on Saturday, again I bet a lot of people in Northwest Oklahoma City didn't even knew that happened," said Holt. "We just need to make sure that when we look around a room when decisions are being made that that room looks like Oklahoma City."

And David tells me washington politics is not his kind of politics.

"They want a solution where I win and you lose and that's not the way I'm gonna govern im gonna govern in a way you get a little and i get a little we come up with a solution that 80% of us can find acceptable it's the way america worked for two hundred years and we need to get back to it it's called compromise," said Holt.

David Holt with take office as mayor of Oklahoma City on April 10th.

And we've got your back on how you can reach him.

You can reach out to him on his website or find him on Twitter and Facebook: @davidfholt and @HoltforMayor

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